New & Existing Facilities

We've got boots on the ground in all 50 United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and our footprint keeps growing. Our team is flexible and ready to work in both new and existing facilities on everything from cabling infrastructure to wired and wireless network design to device installation. Our solutions are built on network design best practices and our engineers are always current on the latest innovations in our industry.

IT Solutions for New Construction

Working in New Facilities

Construction projects have many moving parts and we'll work seamlessly with general contractors and other trades onsite to get the job done. Whether we're designing or just installing, our team is highly flexible and can deliver:

  • Installation, testing, and turn up of all low-voltage technology including computers, phones, music/paging, CCTV, kiosks, digital signage, access points, as well as point of sale (POS) and all of the required accessories
  • Extension of circuits from the demarcation point via fiber or category cabling
  • Full rack and stack in MDF and IDF locations
  • Pulling of all infrastructure cable including testing, termination, and certification
  • Active and Passive Heat Mapping options for verification of wireless infrastructure post construction to ensure proper coverage

Our preparation process includes helping your construction and field teams by updating your blueprints in these key areas:

  • Certified wireless network design
  • Speaker layout and planning
  • CCTV design
  • Line diagrams

Regardless of size, (we've worked from 2,500 to 1,000,000+ square feet) we'll get the job done in hours, weeks, days, or months according to your construction schedule.

IT Solutions for Existing Construction

Working in Remodels/Renovations/Project Work/Service Work

When it's time to make a change in your stores or facilities you'll need a team who can handle your challenges, tight schedules, and trade coordination without a problem. As a matter of fact, there aren't many problems we can't handle. In the face of natural disasters we have lit up temporary infrastructure while new walls were built and flooding was being controlled.

  • Remodels/Renovations
    • From moving kiosks and point of sale devices, to full store upgrades, our technicians are prepared to handle it all. From single PC upgrades per site, to entire infrastructure upgrade. Our technicians are prepared to work around your business day or night and keep your store up and running from the time we step on site, until the upgrade is complete and we are signing off.
  • Project Work/Rollouts
    • Big deployments are our specialty. We love to engineer a plan to deploy to 2,000 stores and set the trained crews on their way to success. Whether it’s a 2 hour upgrade or installation of new Customer Service counters, we know what it takes to rollout fast and free of defects.
  • Service Work/MAC-D
    • We know that sometimes our customers need a quick fix or a one-off site upgrade and that’s where our service capabilities shine.